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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Why am I such a bear about intelligence [IQ] and cultural acumen (for uofology)?

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Anomalist notator Bill Murphy, who has been kind enough to list some of my postings for the past several months, was a bit chagrined, rightfully, by my resorting to comments referencing IQ among the Reframing UFO book essayists.

Let me write that I think all of the persons whom Robbie Graham picked for his book are smart people, many with high IQs I imagine.

For seven years plus, right out of college, I was selected to test potential employees for businesses in Detroit, banks mostly: Commonwealth, National, Security Bank & Trust, et cetera. The test were psychological in nature: The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, The Allport –Vernon- Lindzey Study of Values, The Industrial Psychology C.P.F., N.P.F. and 16 P.F. Series, The Bernreuter Personality Inventory, The Lüscher Color Test, and various IQ tests. [My IQ is 149, or was, before I got hooked on UFOs.]

Psychometric Methods being my discipline in college, I (and others) in my corporation, InterAmerica, Inc. continue to provide evaluations of personalities for news media in Indiana and Detroit.

For me, intelligence is paramount in the pursuit of anything, with a preference for intellectual achievement and academic study held very high. A cultural substratum is a must also.

So railing about the nature of ufology and its practitioners is a feature of my blog(s) that offends many but something that is endemic to my personality.

Nonetheless, I apologize to WM and others for being rude about intelligence and intellectualism with the UFO community, but there it is….

In the case of Robbie Graham’s choices for his Reframing book, which I have not read and will probably not read, I am familiar with most of the persons contributing and note that while some are mighty smart in some sense, maybe with high IQs even, they are not the crème de la crème of the intelligentsia one would want to reframe the UFO topic, nor am I surely.

But there are a few people I could name who would fit the bill – persons I regard with admiration for their writings and thinking about UFOs and other more relevant things,

I could put Bill Murphy in that list I think, if I’m reading his Anomalist listings correctly.

And bloggers: paranormalist Eric Wargo and parapsychologist Eric Ouellet. Film maker and politician Paul Kimball. Peranormal journalist Nick Redfern. Plus esteemed philosophical/ poetry teacher Bryan Sentes.

This select group of mine all have academic credentials and intellectual acumen and are objective to the point of infallibility.

They are not connected by cronyism, the selected choice for Robbie Graham’s list of reframers.

My criticsm of Robbie’s book is mainly that he picked people he knew, not for their expertise but because he likes them and they are his pals. They say nice things about him on Facebook.

Yet, among that group, I see some standouts too: Micah Hanks, Chris Rutkowski, Curt Collins (maybe), and MJ Banias.

But there are more brilliant persons extant, many I don’t know at any real level but surely persons who should have been approached or considered if one really wants to reframe the UFO topic.

That’s the point of my “offensive” screed.



  • What disappoints me, Rich, is that the question of race and gender escapes you and everyone. You, a critic who has chosen to dissect the book, have failed to address the matter of demographics.

    As I have often commented, ufology seems to be the pastime of a predominantly white male company - and this new anthology reflects that demography. The editor would have broken new ground alone, had he included a different demographic - half of it women - I think there's only one aboard now - and half of it AfroAmerican, native American, and any other colored persons such as I.

    We read time and again the the UFO phenomenon is global. So where are the voices outside white western culture pondering this? Why do they not get a stage, are they not searched for, their opinions reflected in the blogs and articles, either as witnesses or as researchers?

    As it sadly stands, ufology is a white male obsession - and what ranks higher than the white male? The alien species invading white culture obviously, as formulated in 19th century science fiction by H.G. Wells (War Of The Worlds) and others. This new anthology sadly doesn't change that archaic viewpoint - it merely enforces that tired old hat and stuffy tradition that wisdom on this anomaly can only be divulged by the white, male priests of the church of ufodom. In that respect, a missed chance.

    Best regards,


    By Blogger theo paijmans, at Wednesday, June 21, 2017  

  • You would do well Theo, to go to The Anomalist listings, and grab the link offering John Keel's little book about the UFO subculture.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, June 21, 2017  

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